You’re a blazing success in life and you deserve the best.  By now, you’re getting used to it, but all those women who throw themselves at you have thrown themselves at countless others before and you’re looking for something special.  Our girls can offer you that.  Not only are they Perfect 10s, but they’ve never gone all the way with another man in their young lives.  You can be their first.  You can claim them, and for the rest of their lives, they’ll look back and know that you were the first one inside them.  This is an investment that nobody can ever take away from you.  Read on to find out why you should work with Innocence for Sale as well as some reasons why you shouldn’t.

  • Quality: We only work with the best of the best, girls so beautiful that it’s a verified miracle that they haven’t had sex yet.  Aspiring actresses, models and athletes are frequently applying to us.  You’d be surprised which stars of the silver screen or catwalk are former IFS girls.
  • Verified: Not only are these girls beautiful, but another part of our selection criteria is verifiable virginity.  That means these girls have intact hymens.  When you slide into your girl for the first time, you will feel her break on you.  There’s no “It broke when I was young, riding a horse/doing gymnastics, trust me!” with IFS girls.
  • Connection: When you win an IFS auction, you are buying a week with your girl.  She’s been waiting her whole life for this, who knows how long you’ve been waiting, it would be a terrible thing to rush it.  Take it slow, get to know each other, build the anticipation.  There are a lot of ways to show affection before you get down to it, and our girls are happy to spend time with you.  The only caveat we have to this is insisting our girls submit to an inspection within the first 48 hours so you can satisfy yourself that you’re getting what you paid for.
  • Security: On rare occasions, it is possible that a buyer and girl are unable to consummate the arrangement for any of a plethora of reasons.  Our girls can say “No” at any time, at the deal is off, but your money is held safely in escrow until the end of your time with her and everybody can confirm that the deal is done.
  • Health-Safety: Our girls are screened by a number of medical tests as soon as possible before your encounter to ensure that they are clear of any illnesses or drugs.  Our girls are squeaky clean, on birth control, and ready for all natural services.  Official paperwork detailing the tests and results are made available to the winning buyer.
  • Legal-Safety: Depending on where the buyer and girl are located, IFS may organize a neutral location for the encounter to take place, including flights and 5 star accommodation for the duration of the week.  This will be deducted from your winning bid, not added on top.


However… IFS isn’t for everybody.  Here are some points you may like to consider before contacting us.

  • Financial Situation: If you’re not in the position where you can drop six or seven figures in a week for the time of your life, you probably can’t afford our girls.
  • Attitude: If your the kind of man who treats a woman disrespectfully or physically abusively (outside of consensual roleplay, which some of our girls love) our security team is never far away.  You won’t have a good time if our girl hits the panic button.
  • Grooming: If you aren’t a well presented gentleman, you won’t be accepted into our database of bidders.  You may be paying top dollar, but everything that happens still needs to be consensual and we’re looking for our girls’ first times to be wonderful experiences too.  Our girls are immaculate, so you need to put the effort in too.
  • Mr. Mysterious: Confidentiality will be contractually assured, but our screening process requires that we are able to verify you are who you say you are before you will ever meet any of our girls.  If that’s a problem, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be one of our girls’ first sexual experiences, by all means please contact us with some basic information and we can move forward from there.